CMCI – Construction Material Chemical Industries Is known in the market as a reliable and trusted company supplying all building industry requirements with High Quality construction chemicals manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards.

The history of CMCI goes back to 1984, when Khalifa Al Gosaibi Holding Group established the company in the First Industrial City of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. And with the growing demand of the building industry, CMCI was also growing and expanding in both production capacity and products range. Today, CMCI has 3 manufacturing plants in Saudi Arabia serving the requirements locally, in the Gulf Area and the Middle East.

The wide range of products that CMCI manufactures serves the construction projects from the start to the finish. Products like Concrete Admixtures that are supplied to major concrete ready mix plants, to various types of grouts and joint sealants that are supplied to many Concrete Precast plants. Foundation coatings, Floor hardeners, Floor Toppings, Sealers, curing compounds and Floor coatings are supplied in the initial stages of construction. CMCI also manufacture advance systems of waterproofing for roofs, wet areas, swimming pools, tunnels, reservoirs, water and sewage plants. CMCI also supplies all major industrial and commercial projects with highest specification tailor made products like Machinery Grouts, Industrial Floor coatings and Repairs. Finishing products like plasters, Tile adhesives and Tile grouts are also in the range of CMCI products.

The success of CMCI was not only built on its persistence of using the state of the art technology in its manufacturing process nor in procuring the highest quality raw materials, but also in implementing the toughest quality control and quality assurance measures at its manufacturing facilities and testing laboratories. CMCI was also credited the ISO 9001 – 2000 certificate by Bureau Veritas.

Over the past 30 years, CMCI has successfully supplied more than 10,000 projects in the region and worked very closely with architects, consultants, engineers to solve and service all their requirements with the utmost satisfaction. The success is credited to its highly qualified and trained technical engineers, and to the management team strategic view and planning.


CMCI is always proud to serve your requirement with quality construction chemicals, and will devote and extend all the assistance you require for you to complete your project with success.